My name is Hendra Lauw, I live in Singapore and I am a photographer specializing in outdoor, on location and natural light childhood and family photography. I am available for photo shoots in Singapore, Indonesia and other countries in the region. Please contact me for details.

I started photography as a hobby about 10 years ago with the intention to capture memories of my travel with a girl who is now my wife and a mother of our lovely daughter. Over the years, the hobby has grown to become a passion and I quickly found myself doing a lot of people, landscape and travel photography.

When my daughter was born in 2005, I made a promise to myself to photograph her everyday for the first one year. And I did. And I have been photographing her a lot since then. Watching her grow everyday is truly a remarkable experience. Comparing her photos now to the ones when she was two months old or two years old makes me realize how much I would have missed if I didn’t do it from the beginning.

Since then, childhood and family photography has been one of my passions in photography.

Children light up our life, don’t they?

I decided to specialize in on location / outdoor photography using only natural light because I want to capture their life through my lens while they are relax in their own environment they are used to and/or in any outdoor locations they / the parents like. We will also discuss on choosing locations which I have known to be pleasant for photography.

I prefer to shoot in the early morning and late afternoon for a better quality of natural lights, but as a parent myself, I understand the challenges we all have with children, especially those young ones whose schedule may not be that flexible. I would be happy to sit down and discuss with you the better timing for the photo shoot.

I invite you to browse through the gallery to indulge yourself with my collection of childhood photography.

And last but not least, in case you are wondering, “masakecil” is from Indonesian words of “masa kecil” which means “childhood”. Masakecil Photography is managed by Life through the Lens, a registered business in Singapore. Under the same company, I am also running another photography business, specializing in travel, landscape, fine art and travel portrait photography. Fine Art prints are available for sale. Please go over to my other life through the lens website for more details.

hendralauw.com started as a humble photoblog in April 2006 which was fortunate to be awarded and recognized for the followings:

  • made it into the photoblogs.org’s Hall of Fame in February 2007
  • Best South East Asian Photoblogs in 2007 by Photobloggies.org
  • Finalist for Best Portrait Photography photoblog in 2007 by Photobloggies.org
  • mentioned in the UK’s Black and White Photography magazine edition August 2006

The same and even stronger passion is now being applied to Masakecil Photography.

Thank you all for coming here and hope to meet you in person.